Is Nvidia the Superhero of 2018?

Forget about Superman and Batman. Unless you’ve been totally ignoring the stock market for the past year or two, you have undoubtedly heard of Nvidia, the Santa Clara, California-based tech company that has become an industry leader in graphics processing unit (GPU) design. One reason the company has enjoyed such positive press in recent months is that its products are heavily used in professional markets, gaming, and all things related to cryptocurrency. Quick Facts about Nvidia Corporation After a long gestation period since its founding in 1993, Nvidia has finally…

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Will Cobalt Continue Its Skyward Path?

The price of cobalt was “parked” securely between $10 and $15 per pound from early 2013 through mid-2016. Then, it took off like a Tesla Roadster at full-throttle with the wind at its back. Currently the hottest of the hot metal investments, cobalt is used extensively in the production of electric car batteries and many other modern devices. The benchmark index for the past year, Bloomberg Commodities, was down about 4 percent overall, while during that same time period the price of cobalt rocketed up more than 120 percent. Early…

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What Is Driving Bitcoin’s Growth

Graphic indicating bitcoin's growthh Graphic

Probably everyone and their mom is asking you about Bitcoin now. How many headlines have you seen this week about Bitcoin alone? I bet it’s a few dozen! Bitcoin’s a hot commodity right now. But it’s okay to wonder: What’s making it so big? Bitcoin: A brief history. But what is Bitcoin, exactly? And why is it suddenly so desirable? Bitcoin is one form of cryptocurrency, a form of payment that is centered around secrecy and protection against counterfeit. This money is virtual and tied completely to electronics. Interestingly, this…

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