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Susan Lassiter-Lyons is the Managing Editor of the Franklin Society. She is an American investor, author, entrepreneur, and president of the American Association of Alternative Investors.

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Make Money Selling Websites and Domain Names

There’s a hidden world just beneath the surface of our own. In it, entrepreneurs buy, sell and trade domain names, websites, and every flavor of online asset in existence. This subterranean marketplace is unknown except to those who take part in its byzantine activities, where small fortunes are made and lost every passing hour. Make …


How to Avoid ICO Scams

It’s hard to browse the Internet these days without running into one of the ever-present ICO scams. Sellers say they are introducing a new cryptocurrency, usually compare it to Bitcoin or Ethereum, and proceed to lure “investors” who want to get in on a ground-floor opportunity and possibly make a financial killing in a short …

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Here’s What’s in Our “Crash-Proof” Portfolio

Have you ever wondered what Wall-Street-phobics invest in? Exactly how does the non-traditional crowd construct a portfolio that includes something other than yawn-inducing IBM and similar blue-chips? This decade has seen the rise of alternative investing, and the practice is becoming so popular it might just eclipse the old-school stuff by 2025 or thereabouts. With …


What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Bitcoin Futures

Can’t Handle Bitcoin Price Volatility? Try This Instead Sometime in the fourth quarter of 2017, the super-powerful Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) will introduce futures contracts on the popular cyber-currency Bitcoin (BTC), marking a day that will be, for nerdy financial types everywhere, what Woodstock was for the 1960s Counterculture movement. via GIPHY One of the …

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