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The 3 Recession-Proof Real Estate Investments

The smart money is on a stock market downturn sometime in early 2018. When that happens, what will be some of the best “recession-proof” investments to have in place? Nothing is a sure thing, but for the sake of safety, passive investing on crowdfunding real estate platforms like Fundrise and RealtyMogul are just one approach. …


How to Invest in Infrastructure With InfraShares

Infrastructure investing, putting money into so-called “public infrastructure” projects like mass-transit, toll-roads, renewable energy plants, bridges, and similar endeavors, was once reserved for institutional investors and corporations with billions of dollars on hand. Now, thanks to the crowdfunding revolution in the financial world, where masses of small players pool their funds on a platform and …


Here’s What’s in Our “Crash-Proof” Portfolio

Have you ever wondered what Wall-Street-phobics invest in? Exactly how does the non-traditional crowd construct a portfolio that includes something other than yawn-inducing IBM and similar blue-chips? This decade has seen the rise of alternative investing, and the practice is becoming so popular it might just eclipse the old-school stuff by 2025 or thereabouts. With …


“Millionaire Secret” – Multiple Income Streams

It’s been more than a quarter century since Stephen Covey’s groundbreaking bestseller, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” set the business world ablaze. In the wake of its publication in 1989, nearly every permutation of the title’s concept has been explored. Success, as psychologist and social scientists like to tell us, is all about …