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The 3 Recession-Proof Real Estate Investments

The smart money is on a stock market downturn sometime in early 2018. When that happens, what will be some of the best “recession-proof” investments to have in place? Nothing is a sure thing, but for the sake of safety, passive investing on crowdfunding real estate platforms like Fundrise and RealtyMogul are just one approach. …


Are Self-storage Units a Safe Investment?

Thirty years ago the self-storage sector came into its own as investors bought up attractive real estate investment trusts (REITs) that dominated the storage market. Whenever inflation attacks the economy, storage units and precious metals tend to outperform the S&P, as home buyers search for smaller houses and are forced to rent extra space. Nowadays …


The Smart Way to Invest in Tax Liens

Tax liens get a bad rap in the alternative investing world. Yes, they are unglamorous and somewhat complicated, but if approached with knowledge and a healthy amount of caution, they can offer returns in excess of 15 percent. There’s no hard and fast rule for returns, as each state’s certificate yields are different, but while …


Should You Invest in Farmland?

It was an ideal childhood growing up on a farm with gorgeous sunsets. The closest neighbors were more than a mile away, and we never locked our house door and left the keys in the trucks in case a neighbor or someone ever needed a vehicle. We all grew up talking about crop prices, weather, …