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Off The Grid Gold:

  • The 15 things every physical precious metals investor needs to know BEFORE they invest – Page 5
  • How to tap into a private network of THOUSANDS of precious metals buyers and sellers that will never report your transaction (AND how to make sure you’re not getting ripped off in the process) – Page 12
  • How to keep your investment off the government’s radar – LEGALLY – Page 14
  • How you can quickly find 90% silver coins that are easy to hide AND SPEND – Page 24
  • Discover the best precious metals to buy and store anonymously for an economic collapse scenario – Page 25
  • THREE secret places to hide your hoard that neither you nor thieves have ever thought about before – Page 17
  • The Ten Critical Rules for Buying and Storing Precious Metals Anonymously – Page 30 (#4 will blow you away)

Written by a financial planner specializing in precious metals investing, this report is normally $9.97, but is FREE today.  


PLUS 10 Steps to Avoid an IRS Audit:10 STEPS COVER_fix

  • Avoid an IRS with these quick and easy tips
  • What to do if you ever do get audited by the IRS
  • 10 myths and truths of IRS audits
  • How to get help if you do get audited

Written by a former IRS agent, this report is normally $9.97, but is FREE today.  

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