Wall Street – A Corrupt, Sinking Ship

corruptYou likely have read Our Mission, which explains why we do what do and how critical it is that everyone diversify out of traditional Wall Street investments – stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. For so many reasons, we feel “Wall Street” is a risky, corrupt, sinking ship, but people don’t know their other investing options. You want to make better returns, but you don’t know how.

The Secrets Multi-Millionaires Don’t Talk About

There is an entire world of investing that the general population is not aware of, or is barely aware of. Others – and all of the multi-millionaires we know – have made their money through these manners, not through the common path of “work every day, save in a 401k or mutual fund, maybe trade some stocks at night or the weekends, and hope for the best.”

While some alternative investments require a lot of effort, we focus on passive alternative investments – where you find the investments (or if you follow our methods, have the investment opportunities come to you!), make sure they a fit for you and are solid, and in most cases, make a much higher return that you would with Wall Street investments.

But, aren’t those options open to just the wealthy?

No, “every day” guys like us are finding these kinds of investments:

  • Private-money lending: We just loaned out $80k, and should make a 18.5% return of 4 months. One of us has only spent 2 hours on the entire investment. There are so many opportunities to do this consistently, we could turn this into its own business.
  • Peer-to-peer lending: With sites like Prosper.com and others, you simply follow their lead and lend out money in this format. There are many other ways to do this more locally.
  • Angel Investing: Ever watch Shark Tank? Now you can do the same! Or, maybe your son-in-law needs funding for his pet shop. Learn how to protect your risk, but have potential for a windfall gain.
  • Passive Real Estate Investing: Work with local investors to make huge returns – often 50% annualized ROI – in investing that is backed by real estate so that your downside is very securely protected. Or, buy “turn-key” rentals where tenants are paying off your mortgage every month.
  • And so many more: Team up with hundreds or thousands of other investors to crowdfund a new bio-tech startup; if you have a higher risk-tolerance, but want the chance to “hit it big,” invest in an oil or gas play; or explore our Off-the-beaten path investments – art, cars, or precious metals.

Sounds interesting, how do I learn more?

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