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Welcome to the Modern Day Version of Ben Franklin’s Leather Apron Club

We are so passionate about helping self-reliant investors uncover alternative ways to wealth. We get it – you want to make better returns, but you don’t know how.

The Secrets Multi-Millionaires Don’t Talk About

There is an entire world of investing that the general population is not aware of mainly because no one talks about it. All of the multi-millionaires we know have made their money through these alternative investments in the public and private markets. The BS that you’re being sold about “work every day, save in a 401k or mutual fund, maybe trade some stocks at night or the weekends, and hope for the best” is keeping you from being wealthy.

While some alternative investments require a lot of effort, we focus on passive alternative investments – where you find the investments

But, aren’t those options open to just the wealthy?

No, “every day” people like us are finding these kinds of investments:

  • Cryptocurrencies: We invested in Bitcoin and Ethereum early on and are reaping the profits. In 2017, our cyber currency portfolio returned 158.46%! There are a ton of ICO’s and other cryptos popping up all over the place and although many are a scam, we are hot on a few and poised to make big returns.
  • Precious metals: This is an area that’s not covered much – outside of gold – but we are bringing the best opportunities in lithium, rhodium, palladium, copper, and more.
  • Robotics: Robots are taking over! And we want to be in on it. We cover opportunities in artificial intelligence and robotics.
  • Drones: This is a fascinating area for growth and we’re excited about the developing opportunities in drones and drone technology.
  • Guns & Ammo: This is a controversial one but just as the Constitution guarantees our right to bear arms, we guarantee to bring you the most exciting opportunities to make money in guns and ammo.

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