Alternative Investments

We here at The Franklin Society strive for transparency.  What you see is what you get.  We are not investing managers or professional brokers.  We are entrepreneurs with a passion for investing creatively.  Here’s our story.

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Kriss Bergethon

Kriss grew up in Southern Colorado and began his investing career during college. His grandfather left him $5,000 in his will and Kriss walked down to the local Edward Jones and told the broker to split the investment between two small (at the time) technology companies, Oracle and Dell.  Kriss had been using Dell computers and Oracle software for part of his college curriculum and thought their future was bright. Those investments grew by 10x over the course of the next few years.  Kriss used the proceeds from those investments (along with an SBA loan) to purchase his first business, a small mom and pop excavation company.

Kriss grew that company to over $3 Million in revenue and sold it 5 years later.  His next foray was into solar power, which provided a very nice income with plenty of time to investigate passive income and investing opportunities.  He sold that business a few years later for a very nice profit as well.

It was around this time, during the financial crisis of 2009, that he realized that the best investments did not involve Wall Street. Kriss still maintains a Wall Street-based portfolio, but his best returns by far have been in passive real estate and lifestyle businesses.  His investments in these businesses have made him a millionaire and allow him plenty of family time, travel opportunities, and leisure.  He is also actively invested in peer-to-peer lending and angel investing with great results.  Kriss hope to bring the same type of investing experience and lifestyle to his readers.


Chaz Shively

Chaz grew up on a wheat and sunflower farm in Eastern Colorado learning the value of hard work, critical thinking, and “making things happen.” He was able to obtain a “full-ride” academic scholarship for college, got his degree in Economics, and married his college sweetheart.

He made his first “alternative investment” in high school. After starting, growing, and selling several multi-million dollar companies (a “tech” company, an acclaimed restaurant, coffee shop, etc.), he raised millions of dollars to co-invest with him in alternative investment projects, primarily related to real estate and private money lending.

He has:

  •  Invested and cashed out of over $12,000,000 in “alternative investments” since 2009.
  • Completed 86 deals and counting (82 have been either profitable or compared to traditional investments, “off the charts” successful)
  • Raised, managed, and co-invested $1M with two different investment groups.
  • Helped one investor who knew nothing of alternative investments, start with one investment and build a portfolio of 25 in two years. From this alone, the investor will retire with $5M in assets and monthly free cash flow of, conservatively, $40,000/month.

Chaz values freedom, deliberate thought and action, helping and teaching others, and above all, his wife and two rambunctious boys. He can often be found meeting with investors and entrepreneurs in coffee shops, skiing in the Colorado Rockies, or doing his morning reading and learning.