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Somewhere along the way, we lost the connection with our money.

Maybe it was when cash disappeared.

Maybe it was when Wall Street took over our investments.

Maybe it was when people decided that the government could be trusted with our retirement.

Regardless, we’ve lost contact with our money. It’s treated like a distant, but sick relative. To be fretted over and worried about, but only in a peripheral way. Our money’s growth (its ‘health’ if you will) is left to others.

Somewhere along the way we were told that we’re not smart enough to manage our money. Money managers and Ivy League MBA’s convinced us that money is complicated. It takes vast rooms full of computers and legions of angry brokers shouting into telephones to REALLY make money.

No, they tell us, “This is HARD. You just keep sending those checks to us, and eventually, if you’re really lucky, you’ll get it back someday – with a little extra (maybe).”

You know – as I do – the only people that are really making money in this transaction are the people in the middle. They shuffle money from one person to the other, one of them always losing money and one of them always making money. But to the middle man, the people who are handling our money, it matters not.

His money is guaranteed just by the simple act of moving it back and forth. The more he does it, the more he makes. And this is how fortunes are won in the new world.

That’s what pays for all those mega-yachts in New York Harbor, the 40,000 square foot chalets in the Hamptons, the beachside mansions in tropical nations you’ve never heard of.

All bought and paid for, by simply shuffling money – YOUR MONEY – from here to there.

Actually shuffling is not the right word. That would imply that they are actually physically doing something. Its just blips on a computer screen these days. They do it millions of times a day, all the while shaving a fraction of a point off your retirement funds every time.

Some of them do it so quickly and so efficiently that they’ve gamed the entire system just by being FASTER than everyone else. Its called high-frequency trading, and you and I will never benefit from it.

140331070021-michael-lewis-quote-620xaAs Michael Lewis, author of Liar’s Poker, Moneyball and Flashboys, said recently: “The stock market is rigged. And the public, you and I, will never be allowed to benefit from it.”

When was the last time you got a lecture from a money manager or financial news outlet about diversification? You probably hear about it every day if you’re tuning into the markets. It’s interesting, because they don’t talk about REAL diversification.

After all what’s the point of diversifying into natural resources, healthcare, and manufacturing when EVERY INDUSTRY IS GOING TO FOLLOW THE TREND OF THE BROADER MARKET ANYWAY.

No – to truly diversify, you need to diversify strategies. You need some aggressive investments, some safe investments, and some investments beyond what Wall Street can even offer.

What if there was a way to do just that – and take back control of our money? What if we could, even in a small way, control our financial future with investments that actually felt good? By investing in people that we got to know?

Can you imagine investing in someone’s business or project and then actually shaking their hand?

It shouldn’t seem so outlandish to us. In fact that’s probably how your grandfather or your great grandfather invested. Before mutual funds, REIT’s and ETF’s, people wanting to grow their money actually invested right in their own community.

For centuries if you wanted to start a newspaper or a mercantile or build a hotel, you sold shares to people right in your own town. You probably even borrowed money from the very people who were going to benefit most from your new venture.

This was how Benjamin Franklin invested his money too. Most people know him for his pennywise quotes or his inventions, but Franklin was a savvy investor as well. He invested in the first private fire department, the first insurance company, and the first library the world had ever known.


He helped start newspapers and printing companies all over this great land long before we were declared our independence from the British.

And, perhaps most importantly, he started the The Leather Apron Club. He started a society of like-minded gentlemen that were interested in business, investing, and sharing ideas.

The Leather Apron Club met weekly to discuss what was working, what wasn’t, who was starting a business and who was failing. They shared investing secrets, ideas, and probably a beer or two, back when it was considered rude and uncouth to discuss money.

And so, in the spirit of Ben Franklin and his Leather Apron Club, we have founded the Franklin Society.

We too will trade investing ideas and secrets. But we’re not interested in playing the game that has been rigged.

You see there is a revolution going on right now. The revolution is putting the power of money, and our connection to it, back in OUR hands.

There are hundreds of ways to grow your money now, WITHOUT Wall Street. There is crowdfunding, angel investing, peer to peer lending, small business lending, passive property lending, and even lifestyle business investing.

This revolution is actually taking how we look at money BACK about 200 years, back to the time when we decided how our money was invested.

The truly revolutionary part of all this is not what we’re investing in. After all, those investments have been around for centuries. No the real revolution is in our access to them and how easy it was become to discover high-quality, high-yield opportunities around the world.

Technology advancements have made it easier than ever to find these investing opportunities and decide which ones are the best for us.

And the returns, well the returns are revolutionary too.

A recent Vanguard study showed that disciplined angel investors can make 25% a year and MUCH more.

There are private lenders making money in real estate, completely passively, at a 20% per year rate.

There are ways of making 18% lending money to individuals who are trying to turn their life around.

Its all out there, ripe for the picking. You just have to know WHERE to find the opportunities, and HOW to choose the right deals.

And that’s where we come in. We want to be your lighthouse, your watchdog, and your private investigator to find the best deals and root out the nonsense.

And we’ll gather a community of like-minded investors looking to help each other change the way we invest – forever.

Please – join us as we embark on a new revolution in investing. Join The Leather Apron Club for investors seeking higher returns from a new kind of investing – The Franklin Society


Kriss Bergethon, Chaz Shively, and the team at The Franklin Society.