Dear Investor,

For millions of Americans, retirement is going to look like this…


Could this be you?

Here’s what we know:

  • Retirees are UN-retiring in droves (806,345 this year alone according to Forbes)
  • Home ownership is at its lowest rate since 1994
  • Our national debt threatens to destroy our currency and our economy
  • Wall Street is rigged so that only the ultra-rich can enjoy the REAL profits

And if that wasn’t bad enough…

The stock market as we know it is collapsing, and it WILL take your retirement along with it – if you’re not prepared.

chartThere is a ‘fatal market flaw’ that you had better be aware of if you hope to retire anytime soon AND STAY RETIRED.

Luckily there is a cure, too.

I’m going to offer you a front row seat to a revolution in investing. This revolution isn’t some day-trading, options, or forex scheme. In fact, it doesn’t even involve Wall Street securities at all.

No, this is an easy way to invest your money, and routinely make phenomenal and consistent 15, 20 and 25% returns (and sometimes even 1000% returns) investing in assets that haven’t been available to anyone but the ultra rich before. And you can do it while minimizing risk and preserving your capital with tangible assets. This is how you can re-connect with your money and actually control your investments.

And I’m going to make it as simple and straightforward as possible so that anyone, at any level of income, with any level of investing knowledge can do this. All you need is a desire to put the ‘independent’ back in ‘financially independent’.

Is that something that you’re interested in? If not, no problem. Just close down this page and we’ll save each other some time. I know that the Wall Street machine HATES this stuff, so I can’t guarantee this letter will be available later. But I understand if this is just not for you.

If you are interested, then you need to hear about this…

We’re Probably A Lot Like You…

My name is Kriss Bergethon, and you’ve probably never heard of me. That’s ok with me, I’m not doing this for fame. I live on a mountain lake in Colorado and value my freedom and independence above all else.

I made much of my personal fortune getting my hands dirty in the construction and mining industries.

My business partner, Chaz Shively grew up on a wheat and sunflower farm in Eastern Colorado and started investing and farming at the age of 12.

Though he likes to keep a low profile, he’s had dozens of investors ask him for his secrets and advice. Some have written him $1 MILLION checks to co-invest with him.

We’ve made millions of dollars over our lifetime and consider investing money a passion of ours. But lately we’ve gotten sick and tired of Wall Street, especially after the 2008 debacle.   We decided to ‘hack finance’ and work outside of the normal markets.

The corruption, insider dealing, high frequency trading and bailouts from the financial crisis left a terrible taste in our mouths that we have yet to get rid of. We realized something:

Wall Street is Truly Rigged

Deep down you know this to be true.

  • Billionaire traders can trade stocks in microseconds that ensure that you’ll never make a dime, as detailed in Michael Lewis’ book Flash Boys
  • Insiders can make unbelievably risky bets that can take down the entire economy, and will never serve a day in jail for doing so
  • The SEC and the government is being run by Wall Street itself because of the ‘revolving door’ between industry and regulators – THE FOX IS IN HENHOUSE
  • Central banks have doomed our currency and our future by out-of-control debt and printing of a defunct fiat currency
  • And when it all comes crumbling down, guess who gets to bail Wall Street bankers, the car industry, and Fannie Mae out?  It’s you and me, the ‘lowly’ taxpayer who is just trying to secure our family’s future.

What chance do we have to win this game that is so obviously rigged against us?

They’ve purposely made the system complex and confusing so that investors like us MUST hand over our money to them.

We’re not fans of most traditional financial advisors either. When we dug into how they are compensated, it made our blood boil. They tend to recommend investments that make THEM the most money.

Are we really supposed to trust our financial future with someone who is compensated based on how many trades they make or a management fee that has little to do with performance?

So, we made it our mission to find another way to grow our money.

We both have an insatiable appetite for knowledge and a passion for teaching others. We both hate risky investments and losing money. So, along with our team of researchers, we spend long days and nights reading and researching and interviewing experts. We personally started investing in more of these new methods to test our theories. And we did it all to find one thing: a better way.

My friend, we’ve found a better way to invest…

The Coming Wall Street Collapse

Before we get into that, let’s talk about why the markets are doomed, and why you need to start using these new investments techniques now.

There is a fundamental market flaw that is going to crush your Wall Street returns and will continue to do so over at least the next 20 years.

I probably don’t have to remind you that Wall Street does not care one iota for the small investor like you and I. The financial crisis proved that to be the case – over and over again.

American’s distrust of Wall Street (including the Fed, local financial advisors, and this whole traditional investing system) has never been higher. Most of us see Wall Street as a necessary evil, and many people believe there’s just no alternative.

And the Federal Reserve, the most powerful economic force on the planet, believes that the stock market is doomed:

How Retiring Baby Boomers Are Going to Create a ‘2nd Great Depression’

There is a horrifying market trend that brokers and financial planners don’t want to talk about, that nearly everyone is ignoring. It comes down to these three words: required minimum distributions.

As the Baby Boomers retire they’re going to be REQUIRED to draw from their IRA and retirement accounts.

It’s the law.

They won’t have a choice but to start pulling money from the markets.

What do you think will happen when 78,000,000 Americans, who hold the vast majority of Wall Street investments now, start to withdraw their money from the already-disappointing markets?


A December 2014 Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco study showed that, due to the effect of the Great Baby Boomer Retirement, prices in the broader market should fall 50% by the year 2027.  

The report likens this to a ‘2nd Great Depression’.

The Shocking ‘M/O’ Ratio Will Doom Your Retirement

It all comes down to the little-known M/O Ratio. This is not just a stock market trend; it’s a massive demographic trend.

The M/O ratio basically tracks middle aged investors (M, or investors in their 40’s and 50’s) and older investors (O, or investors in their 60’s and 70’s). As our country’s age shifts from people being in their 40’s and 50’s to their 60’s and 70’s, the M/O ratio goes down.

This makes sense as the Baby Boomer wave gets older. What is shocking though is the relationship between our aging population and stock prices.

The Fed’s research shows that the M/O ratio and the market P/E ratio (which tracks the market’s price to earnings ratio) move in lock step. When P/E goes down, market prices go down. Look at the chart below:

Market Prices Move in Lock Step With Investor Aging Patterns

What do you notice here? Take a look at when market P/E is highest (when the prices were highest in stock markets). This was in the high-flying markets of the 1990s. That is also when the M/O ratio was the highest, or when the Baby Boomers were in their 40’s and 50’s.

Basically, investors have prime stock BUYING years (their 40’s and 50’s) and prime stock SELLING years (their 60’s and 70’s). This makes sense too. As you enter your prime wage earning years you buy more stock and as you enter retirement age you sell more stock.

Now think about this: what happens when almost 80 million other investors all start selling their stocks to fund their retirement?

Report: Stocks to Fall 50% by 2027

Now take a look at the projections below:

MO PE analysis - Franklin Society

If the market P/E ratio continues to track the demographic M/O ratio, market prices will be slashed in half by 2027. And it’s because the vast majority of investors, which are Baby Boomers, will be entering their price stock SELLING years.

This quote, taken directly from the Federal Reserve report, should give you chills:

Our current estimate suggests that the P/E ratio of the U.S. equity market could be halved by 2025 relative to its 2013 level.”

Can you afford to lose 50% of your money over the next 8 years? If this report is off by even half, can you afford to lose 25% of your portfolio over the next 10 years?

Predicting stocks prices is a tough and risky business. But predicting demographic trends like aging comes with mathematical certainty. And this trend is going to put downward pressure on the markets. We can be sure of it.

I bet your financial planner or your stock broker hasn’t brought this up to you. Or if they have, they’ll explain that younger generations investing in the markets will make up for these losses.

I guess they must be talking about the younger generations that are seeing 20% unemployment rates? Or are buried under mountains of student-loan debt? Or the younger generations that are saving money at rates that are breaking all-time lows? Those younger generations are going to keep the markets afloat?


What about foreign investors? Won’t they keep markets afloat? That same Fed Report lists the demographic trends of other industrialized nations like Japan and Europe. And their demographics are actually WORSE than ours as far the population aging.

So what is a savvy investor to do? How can you possibly fight against such a massive market and demographic shift?

There is a way, and it’s going to revolutionize investing. Ironically, it’s going to do that by taking investing back to its roots.

The 21st Century Investing Revolution Is Here

That opportunity is finally here. Thanks to legislation that passed in 2012 called the JOBS act and technology advancements, investors have unprecedented access to investing “outside of Wall Street.”

This is nothing less than the democratization of investing. It’s putting the power back into the hands of the people, people just like you, so that you can decide WHO and WHAT you are investing in.

Before this act, the investments we are about to show you were only available to big businesses and incredibly wealthy investors. Now anyone at any income level can invest in them.

And the returns are better than anything Wall Street can offer, and the risk is WAY lower than you think. (How risky is it to hand your money over to fee-driven brokers and manager anyway? Don’t you want to be in control?) On top of this, you can attain consistent returns. Imagine having your money making 15-25% consistently, without any bogus fees.

30sThe irony here is that this revolution is actually taking investing BACK 100 years. Before Wall Street took over our investments, people with money to invest would put money into their own community.

Investors would buy shares in the local bank. The bank would loan money to a growing family hoping to build a house. The family would invest in the local mercantile because they knew they would be shopping there regularly.

This ‘new’ investing is probably how your grandfather and your great grandfather invested! Only now it’s much easier, due to the new technology platforms and the Internet, and there are thousands of low-risk opportunities both locally and nationally.

This Is About Taking Control Of Your Money

The best part of this investing revolution is that it’s re-establishing something we lost long ago: control over our investments.

Maybe it was when Wall Street took over our retirement.

Maybe it was when people started to believe that the government was responsible for our retirement.

Maybe it was when credit cards took over and cash virtually disappeared.

Whatever it is, we’ve literally and figuratively lost control of our money. We’ve been told to send our retirement funds off to some Ivy League money manager – since we’re not NEARLY smart enough to understand what he’s doing.

And if you’re lucky, they might just send back a little more than you sent them. Maybe.

What if you could actually CONTROL your investments?

What if you could re-establish a connection with your money?

What if you could invest in assets that will NEVER go to zero?

What if you could have some consistency with your investments instead of worrying about the next stock market crash?

What if investing was actually FUN and FULFILLING?

Wouldn’t it be nice to do things with your money that actually felt good, actually helped people and small businesses, while still making a great return?

I believe this revolution in investing comes down to three little words that will change your financial future forever: CONTROL WITHOUT COMPLEXITY.

How to Invest Like a Billionaire

Here’s what we know: the rich are different. To get and stay rich, they invest in things that are outside of the normal financial channels. They open their minds to new things, invest in hard assets, and take their wealth into their own hands.

They know something the poor don’t: it’s called ‘asymmetric risk’. We’ve all been taught that to get a higher return, you need to take more risk. The rich know this isn’t true.

Billionaire Paul Tudor Jones who owns a huge hedge fund has his 5:1 ratio: He only invests a dollar if he’s certain he could make 5 and but can’t lose his 1. He does this by investing in assets that have a huge upside but cannot go to zero like so many stocks do.

Asymmetric risk means the upside is high but the downside is protected. So how do you protect the downside? You invest in things in hard assets that will never go to zero. You spread your risks among many opportunities that have unlimited upside, knowing that a few of them will return 100x your money and will make up for the losses of the other investments.

And you invest in private placements that aren’t traded on a stock exchange. Before now, you had to know the ‘secret knock’ at high-flying hedge funds and private equities. And you often had to be willing to invest at least $250,000 to get in the door.

Now, thanks to the law passed in 2016, all that’s changed. You can run your own personal ‘hedge fund’, book the same consistent 15, 20 and 25% returns that those funds get, all the while investing as little as $5,000.

Imagine telling your spouse, your friends, and your co-workers about the amazing returns you’re getting while investing in projects and companies that are FUN. It can give you more freedom, more control, more consistency, and more peace of mind than you ever thought possible with your money.

The Smart Money is Moving to Private Investments

A recent presentation from Andreessen Horowitz shows where the real money is being made.  Billionaire and millionaire investors AND the companies they invest in are sick to death of market corruption and government intervention.  

They’re looking for better ways to grow their money.

slide 22

The returns are private now, companies are making money for private investors – not the public markets.

The graphic above shows in stark terms how companies no longer trust the IPO markets.  And the returns investors make are all BEFORE the IPO:

slide 30

The real money is made long before the IPO, and many companies will never have an IPO.

The problem has always been private investors never had the change to cash in on these private companies because you had to be accredited.  

No more.  Welcome to the future.

Now You Can Get in On The Ground Floor of ‘Hyper-Growth’ Companies…

I don’t know about you but I am sick to death of hearing about hyper-growth companies like Uber, Airbnb, and the hottest ‘app’. These companies, and their early stage investors, just LOVE to crow about how many users they have and how they’re just ‘crushing it’.

There’s nothing wrong with building a great company. But the only people that are reaping the rewards are the founders, VC firms, and Angel Investors that got in early. The only time you and I could invest is after an IPO. By then the value will be blown so far out of proportion that only fools will invest.

No, these types of success stories are only good news for the people who are already incredibly rich.

But what if the rules were changed?

Now, thanks to the JOBS Act, you can get in on the ground floor of businesses like Uber, Airbnb, and thousands of others. And you can invest as little as $500 in each offering to spread out your risk.

This is how ultra-wealthy investors like Mark Cuban, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk turn their billions into tens of billions. They know that only 1 in 10 startups will pay off, but that one that does pay off could make them 1000% or even 10,000% profits.

And now you can invest right alongside billionaire venture capitalists and Mark Cuban.

We’ll tell you all about these exciting new investments in our brand new for 2017 report:

The New Investing Revolution: 13 New Investments That Anyone Can Take Advantage of Today.


You don’t have to be wealthy to use this report; you just have to have a desire to be wealthy and a willingness to explore different investments to get there.

And these aren’t some back-tested financial theories; these are real returns from real people.

Does that fit you? Are you ready to find out what this is all about? Ok, let’s dive in….

In our report:investing-revolution3d-sm

We’ll show you how 2016’s JOBS act has changed everything for investors. The law was intended to create jobs, but it really opened up a whole slew of investments for investors of all classes. Now anyone can start investing in private real estate deals, fast growing tech companies, community projects, exciting new products and even movies. This is how superstar investors routinely get 1000%+ returns!
We’ll show you 5 exclusive new investing techniques that can provide consistent 15, 20, and 25% compounding returns.
On Page 23 we’ll show you how any investors can start seeing 25% returns by investing in fast-growing businesses that aren’t on the stock exchange. A recent Vanguard study showed investors can get annual 25% returns by investing in a variety of technology, software, and market-disrupting businesses. It’s easier than you think, and you can invest in local businesses where you can shake the owner’s hand or you can invest on a national level in the hottest startups. You can even invest in funds that will do the due diligence and management for you. We’ll show you the secret back door into these investments that you’ll never read about in the Wall Street Journal!
We’ll give you a front row seat to the revolution happening in real estate investing right now. Investors can see real gains of 15%-20% without even lifting a finger, swinging a hammer, or bothering with nuisance tenants. This is 100% passive and you can evaluate deals right from your computer. No fixing up trashy houses, just put your money to work with trustworthy operators and let them do the work while you collect the checks!
We’ll show you how you can loan money to businesses, real estate developers, and individuals for incredible 20-25% returns on PAGE 9. The banks have basically stopped lending money for these types of deals, and that presents an incredible opportunity for investors. And your loan can be backed by hard assets and real estate so that your investment will NEVER go to zero. Can you say that about your favorite stock?
We’ll show you how every-day investors are getting 33% returns investing in passive deals right in their hometowns. There are hundreds of opportunities right under your nose and we’ll show you how to uncover them, evaluate them, and protect your money while collecting HUGE profits.

PLUS we’ll cover 6 more off-the-beaten path investments that the rich have been using for decades to grow their wealth.

In each section we cover:

Typical returns
Minimum Investment
Typical Investment
Hold period
Complexity level
Plus complete descriptions, benefits of each option, and additional resources to get started

And we included three exclusive interviews with investors JUST LIKE YOU who are investing in these opportunities every day, and seeing incredible returns. They’ll reveal their lessons learned, their incredible profits, and even their worst investments so that you don’t make the same mistake. Here’s just a sample of what you’ll find in the interviews:

We’ll talk to Ed who has created $40,000 PER MONTH in passive income using our investing techniques. Ed did it all in a little under 5 years and is now living on easy street thanks to his passive income. He’ll reveal his method just for you in this exclusive interview on PAGE 105.
We had a great conversation with Susan who is routinely getting 15% returns investing in real estate and growing companies right from her computer. She used to mess with those horrible fix and flip projects, but now she does it all from the comfort of her couch. See her secret for finding fantastic investments that make big profits with little to no effort. PLUS she’ll reveal how she’s investing in a medical device that could potentially save her own life on PAGE 56.
Our interview with Dave was one of the most enlightening we’ve ever had. He lays out in detail how he routinely gets 33% returns investing right in his own home town with people that he knows and trusts. He’ll reveal his method for finding and evaluating GREAT investments on Page 137.

Imagine what consistent, reliable 15, 20 and 25% returns would do to your portfolio


Compounded Alternative Investment Chart - Franklin Society

(Franklin Society Projection: $10,000 with profits re-invested over 10 years)

Many of the investments we talk about in this exclusive report can return 2x, 3x or even 7x your money over 10 years compared to the traditional stock markets.

Every savvy investor knows that you will NEVER become truly financially independent sticking to the stock and bond markets.

But that’s not all you’ll get when you invest in this life-changing report. We want to offer maximum value for your hard earned dollars so we’re going pass along THREE FREE GIFTS:

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  • We’ll reveal 4 more fundamental market flaws that could crush your retirement dreams if you’re not prepared:
  • Why REAL stock market returns are far lower than the mainstream media or Wall Street wonks will admit. Deep down you know this to be true: Wall Street isn’t what it used to be (as your brokerage account can attest). The days of reliable 8, 9, and 10% returns are over, and we’ll prove it.
  • Mutual Fund fees are killing your returns. Almost 90% of investors have at least one mutual fund, and they have convinced us that their fees are just part of doing business. You will discover, with mathematical certainty, why even a 2.5% fee (the average for mutual funds) can take up to 60% of your profits over the life of the investment. Anyone who wants to KEEP their hard earned money MUST read this.
  • Real inflation is 226% higher than the government reported inflation number. The Federal government has a dirty little secret that they hope you’ll never uncover. The Consumer Price Index, the government reported inflation number that financial institutions around the world use every day is a political tool that is manipulated by bureaucrats and politicians for their own gain. In fact, the number is so corrupted and unreliable that most Federal agencies don’t even use it for their own economic forecasts. We’ll reveal the reasons why, and the REAL INFLATION number you had better be using in your own financial planning.
  • We’ll also reveal why ‘diversification’ as it is taught throughout the financial world is a myth. Diversifying within the stock market will not only doom your financial future, but it will also GUARANTEE that you’ll never get better results than the dart-throwing funds that get market average returns. True diversification –using alternative investments – is essential. Otherwise, you’re just rearranging the deck chairs on the same sinking ship.

Gift #2: Self Directed IRA’s (normally $22)

alt-invest3D-smWe’re not only going to show you how to invest in all new opportunities, we’re going to show you how to slash your tax bill too. Investors do very well with these Alternative Investments and are of course looking for ways to keep as much of their money as they can.

The easiest way to do that is to invest through a self-directed IRA. This allows you to invest when and how much you like in virtually anything you want.

And we’ll walk you through the incredibly easy setup process on PAGE 6, the tax implications, and even what it means for your heirs in the Quick Starter Guide to Self-Directed IRAs hard copy book.

This method alone can add a 30% profit margin to ALL your returns. So a 15% return suddenly becomes a 19.5% return.

Plus we interviewed Patrick Hagen, a 25-year veteran of the self-directed IRA industry, to get his insider tips and tricks on how to set up this easy and fun way to manage your new investments.

WARNING: This Might Not Be For You…

Now, before I tell you how to get in on the ground floor of this investing revolution let me say one thing:

This is NOT for the ‘average’ investor. This is not for ‘ordinary’ folks looking to get ‘ordinary’ returns.

If you think the government is going to take care of you as you get older, or that Wall Street is doing just fine – this isn’t for you. This is NOT for people satisfied with mediocre returns and investments. I appreciate your time and wish you good health.

This is for people who are willing to CHALLENGE the status quo. This report is not for folks who simply “follow the herd.”

This is for the extraordinary investor.

You don’t have to be wealthy to use this report; you just have to have a desire to be wealthy and a willingness to explore different investments to get there. And these aren’t some back-tested financial theories; these are real returns from real people.

Does that fit you? Are you ready to take control of your investments?

Imagine Actually Taking CONTROL of Your Money

Imagine having fun with the money you’ve saved over the decades…
Imagine investing in assets that will NEVER go to zero…
Imagine getting consistently higher returns with hard assets and fast growing companies….
Imagine showing your spouse your investment in a new development downtown, showing your friends your outsized returns in fast growing businesses, or investing in your nephew’s next real estate project THE SAFE WAY.
Imagine putting your money into things that Baby Boomers will need more than ever like retirement communities, medical office buildings, health start-ups, and insurance policies.
Imagine what it would be like to make a difference with your hard-earned money.
Imagine letting go of the ‘zero sum game’ of Wall Street (where every transaction has a winner and loser) and invest in something that is win-win for everyone involved.
Imagine standing up to those Wall Street flacks and telling them they’re not the only game in town!
Imagine the retirement of your dreams – traveling, exploring new ideas, and relaxing – just like Ben Franklin.

It’s all yours with The Franklin Society’s Financial Independence Package.

FranklinSocietyPackage And we’ll talk about how superstar investors spread out their investments to avoid risk and preserve their capital. We’ll investigate investments that will actually appreciate over the next 20 years and make money even as the stock markets slowly sink. Now I know you’re wondering how much for this one-of-a-kind investing resource…. I will get to that, but first:

Here’s What People Are Saying About Our Financial Independence Package:


And Larry S, who is a 69-year-old retired farmer, said this,

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Chris J2


Or how about this from Bev who is 69 and is a registered nurse and a grandmother:

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How Much is Financial Independence Worth to You?

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The Franklin Society is our exclusive Alternative Investing Club. We used the principles pioneered by Ben Franklin himself to create this exclusive society.

Benjamin Franklin - Franklin SocietyA lot of people don’t know, but in addition to his ‘a penny saved is a penny earned’ frugal nature, Ben Franklin was a phenomenal investor. He was born the son of a candle maker and died a very wealthy man. He invested wisely and retired when he was just 42 years old. Ben did so by investing in the newest technology of his day: printing.

Ben Franklin owned printing operations all over the American Territories. That’s right, ol’ Ben was the world’s first tech investor! Ben had a second career after his ‘retirement’ in exploring the wonders of the world – all thanks to his shrewd investments.

But more importantly, Ben Franklin started the ‘The Leather Apron Club.’ He chose the name because most of the people in it were artisans, printers, and craftsmen (and thus wore leather aprons) that desired a better life for themselves and their families.

The Leather Apron Club was a gathering of like-minded gentlemen who would talk about business, investing, and politics.

And in that spirit, we present… The Franklin Society Alternative Investing Club. And you’ll get a one-year FREE membership when you purchase our report …….. Here’s what’s included for members of the Society:

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Plus we talk about dozens of investments you just won’t see anywhere else.

We’ll Remove All Risk For You…

We know you’re a savvy, sophisticated individual, and you’re looking for new investment opportunities, or you wouldn’t have made it this far. But you want to know that there is no risk to your hard earned money before we go on. So we’ll do that, but we won’t just guarantee your money back if you’re not happy. We’ll make four guarantees for you – AND we’ll double your money back to show you how serious we are.Franklin Society guarantee

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So you’ll get your money back for a full year if you don’t like the newsletter. AND if you try some of the investments we talk about and determine this just isn’t for you, we’ll DOUBLE your money back. It’s all part of our quadruple guarantee, and it’s only for charter members of the Franklin Society.

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Remember: Stock Markets Are ALREADY Crashing


… if you’re invested in the markets you need The Franklin Society Alternative Investing Club as part of your retirement planning. Demographic trends are already crushing traditional investments and you’re going to need alternatives starting NOW.

The New Investing Report, alone lays it all out in easy to understand terms AND shows you how to profit even when markets are tumbling.

Will You Be Forced to ‘Unretire’ When You Outlive Your Investments?

Only a fool believes that Wall Street is a game they can win. The rules and the system are rigged.

And those other newsletters and reports all seem to do the same thing. They tell you: “Wall Street is DEAD! Long Live Wall Street! It’s going to crash (except for the stuff we’ll tell you about!)”

You’re smarter than that aren’t you? You’re going to need to invest outside the traditional system, in hard assets that you can see and touch if you’re going to survive the next downturn. After all, it’s not a question of IF, it’s a question of WHEN.

Money Might Be Renewable But THIS is Not

You probably have a nice little nest egg tucked away. Maybe you even feel very comfortable with the markets and your portfolio. Maybe money is not your problem.

Here’s what you’ll never have enough of… time. Time is running out. You’re either already retired or it’s approaching rapidly. You need to take advantage of this incredible opportunity NOW or you’ll miss the boat and sucked into the next stock crash along with everyone else.


You Worked Your Whole Life – for This?

Don’t be this guy:

Blue Vest
He probably thought Wall Street would take care of his retirement.

You worked hard your whole life.  You scrimped and save to buy the nice little extras.  You probably worked overtime and weekends to put your kids through college.  And you did it all so you could have a relaxing, enjoyable retirement.  

But Wall Street didn’t play along.  They’ve hijacked the entire system and rigged it against you.  The only question now is: what are you going to do about it?

How You Can Diversify Your Portfolio Without Buying a Single Stock 

As soon as you receive your exclusive Franklin Society Financial Independence package you will learn:

Why Wall Street is due for a catastrophic meltdown – and what you can do about it.
The Alternative Investments available thanks to the JOBS Act that get consistent 15, 20 and 25% returns that were previously only available to the ultra-rich to increase your profits
How to get an extra 30% profit bump by setting up a tax shelter for your new investments
Get “behind the kimono” peek with exclusive interviews with real-life folks just like you who have changed their fortunes with these easy investments
Understand why the Fed believes markets will drop 50% before 2025, and how our strategies can protect you
Why real Wall Street returns are far lower than what is reported
How the most commonly used inflation measure is rigged, what the REAL number is, and how this is dramatically eroding the value of every dollar you have not invested
Why diversification as we know it is a myth and guarantees lackluster returns
How hidden fees are robbing you blind of your hard-earned profits
12 months of free membership and Alternative Investing know-how with The Franklin Society Alternative Investing Club
The Franklin Society free investment alerts, newsletters, and access to our exclusive membership areas.

It’s time to take control of your financial future NOW before it’s too late.

Every day you wait means another day of lackluster returns from a corrupt and broken system – Wall Street. Take your finances back into your own hands with our exclusive methods for finding REAL, CONSISTENT 15, 20, and 25% returns.

If you’re staring down the barrel of retirement, you don’t have a moment to lose. If you’re already retired, this opportunity could save your retirement dreams.

No fluff, no BS, just the real facts that you need to take part in the New Investing Revolution and break the cycle of the Wall Street fees and crashes.

Imagine getting in on the ‘ground floor’ of the next hottest start-up. Or securing your future with hard assets that can NEVER go to zero. Wouldn’t those things ‘revolutionize’ your portfolio?

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**PS: You probably have some money that has been waiting on the sidelines, waiting for something new and exciting. You were gun shy about entering the markets again because you got burned before. Now is the time to put that money back into play again.

Take control of your investments, play a game you can actually win, and start earning the consistently high returns that the wealthy have known about for years.

***PPS: You were smart enough to have a successful career and save wisely, are those Wall Street wonks really smarter than you are? And maybe the more important question is: who really cares about your money more than you do?

Don’t be the guy that gets caught with his pants down when the market sinks again. Are you ready for a fresh, alternative perspective to investing, the economy and money? Then get started by ordering your hard copy book package and membership TODAY…

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these investments you talk about available to non-accredited investors?

Yes, 90% of the investments we speak of are available to ALL investors.

How much should I invest in these opportunities you talk about?

You can invest as little as $100 in some of these opportunities, many of our readers choose to start with $5000 and then work their way up from there.

What will I actually be getting with this package?

You will receive the 3 reports by email and then our 2-3 times per week email newsletter on exclusive investment opportunities you won’t find anywhere else for a full year.  You will be charged $49.95 now and then $49.95 after your 360 day free trial for the yearly Franklin Society charter membership rate. 

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