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Sal Buscemi On Making 10% Per Month with Passive Real Estate Investing

I had the pleasure of interviewing Sal Buscemi on hard money lending and passive real estate investing.  The conversation was enlightening.  Sal came from Wall Street and his now focusing his efforts on real estate.  Check out our interview below and leave a comment. Here’s Sal’s website: And his book on Amazon: Making the Yield; Real Estate …


Angel Investing 101 With Bill Clark, Founder of MicroVentures

I had the pleasure of interviewing Bill Clark who founded MicroVentures, an Angel Investing platform.   MicroVentures was founded as a way to attract investors to start-ups and mature tech companies looking to raise money. MicroVentures makes it easy to invest small amounts in many start-ups, which can be critical for angel investing success. While …


Federal Reserve Report: Stocks to Drop 50%

Article Summary: Aging patterns and stock values have a long historical relationship Baby Boomers are entering their prime ‘stock selling’ years with little relief from those entering their ‘stock buying’ years The December 2014 study updates a July 2011 study The patterns recognized in 2011 have actually gotten worse Baby Boomers should prepare for depressed …


Alternative Investing Ideas: Trust but Verify

As I headed out this morning to do some research and writing, I had the decision this morning about which coffee shop to work from. (I ultimately chose on ambiance – I wanted one that was peppy and energetic for today.) In the midst of the bustle, I didn’t hear my phone, but saw the screen …