Alternative Investments


Small Cap Stocks With Big Potential for 2017

Would you like to get a head-start on small cap investing for 2017 and 2018? There are plenty of small cap stocks ready to finish the year with a bang and begin 2018 with the momentum that can turn not-so-large companies into highly profitable investments. One challenge I faced with the small cap investment journey …


The 9 Best Alternative Investments for 2017

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what financial experts are picking as the top alternative investments for 2017? After digging into that question, I discovered some very pleasant surprises, as well as a few “red alerts” that seem to be common among the experts’ predictions for the upcoming year. What’s on 2017’s “Hot List” of …


23 High-Growth Stock Ideas for 2017

Are you ready to check out the top growth stocks for 2017? It seems as if every online and TV market guru has a short list of favorite growth securities that may or may not be the “next big thing” for this year. The question is: how can we take an objective look at all …


The Truth About Social Security’s Future

Would you like to know whether Social Security will “be there” for you when you retire? Then you’re not alone, because everyone who gets a paycheck has that same question. Older people just ask it more often and with more urgency. I had always wondered if any of the politicians or economists agreed on the …