How to Invest in Precious Metals

When you think about metal, what do you think of? Yeah, us too. But if you’re an investor, it’s all about the precious metals. What do I mean by precious metals? I’m talking about gold, silver, and all the other metals you may see walking by a jewelry store. These are commodities just like every other asset. They’re available for you to invest in. But you don’t need to be Scrooge McDuck to invest in precious metals. Nor do you need to be like a certain freaky deek real estate…

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Top 10 Metals and Mining Stocks by Dividend Yield

BelAZ 75710 mining truck

Looking to target metals and mining stocks that are paying dividends and decent yields? Here’s our latest list… Rank Symbol Dividend Recent Yield 1  SXCP  2.38 12.95%  2  ARLP  2.041  11.09% 3 MSB   4.72  19.67% 4 HCLP   .80  7.08% 5 CMP   2.88 4.28%  6 RIO  2.22 4.25%  7 FELP   .24  5.80% 8  BHP  1.72  3.84% 9  NRP 1.80  6.37%  10  AHGP  2.97 11.07% 

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How and Why to Invest in Rhodium, Platinum and Palladium

Some precious metals get lost among all the headlines and news stories about the ups and downs of gold and silver. Rhodium, platinum and palladium, however, have been inching into the spotlight lately. Some investors like their high potential for price movement, while others are simply intrigued by the “alternative” feel of these unsung elements. Still, most metals dealers are well-versed enough to offer guidelines for buying, storing and trading the three “unorthodox” members of the precious metals family. For those who want to venture past the gold-and-silver paradigm of…

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