The Case for Investing in Rhodium

Cuboid rhodium sample

In late 2017, multiple media outlets featured stories about the “precious metals outlook” for the upcoming year. The few advocates for investing in rhodium, a by-product of platinum mining, were routinely dismissed as kooks, Neanderthals, and worse. Fast-forward to early 2018. If anyone had listened to the “rhodium nuts,” as one network analyst called them, they would have seen a doubling of their investment during the 12 intervening months. Actually it was better than that, with an annual return of 118 percent. Gold and silver, whose backers are never called…

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How and Why to Invest in Rhodium, Platinum and Palladium

Some precious metals get lost among all the headlines and news stories about the ups and downs of gold and silver. Rhodium, platinum and palladium, however, have been inching into the spotlight lately. Some investors like their high potential for price movement, while others are simply intrigued by the “alternative” feel of these unsung elements. Still, most metals dealers are well-versed enough to offer guidelines for buying, storing and trading the three “unorthodox” members of the precious metals family. For those who want to venture past the gold-and-silver paradigm of…

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