The Best Performing Cryptos of 2017

Bitcoin in front of computer monitor

One of the hottest topics around the Investor Insights is cryptocurrencies. We invest in cryptos and have made great returns on Bitcoin and Ethereum but did you know that in 2017, Bitcoin wasn’t even in the top 10 of best performing cryptos? It’s true. It was astonishing to see Bitcoin grow in value by 1,000% in 2017. But that growth is puny compared to the 13 cryptocurrencies that outperformed Bitcoin, according to an article in Quartz Media that listed the best performing cryptocurrencies of 2017. They were Ripple, NEM, Ardor,…

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You’re Not Tardy for the Bitcoin Party

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When Bitcoin reached and exceeded $10,000 dollars per coin, you may have been wondering if you missed your chance to buy it and make money with it. Well, if you bought it last week when it was pushing up against $10,000, you could have made a profit. Today one coin is worth $16,090. Surely, you might still be thinking, it’s too late to make money with Bitcoin. A recent article in Fortune gives some legitimate reasons to worry about investing in Bitcoin, as well as plenty of reasons to be confident.…

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