Will Cobalt Continue Its Skyward Path?

The price of cobalt was “parked” securely between $10 and $15 per pound from early 2013 through mid-2016. Then, it took off like a Tesla Roadster at full-throttle with the wind at its back. Currently the hottest of the hot metal investments, cobalt is used extensively in the production of electric car batteries and many other modern devices. The benchmark index for the past year, Bloomberg Commodities, was down about 4 percent overall, while during that same time period the price of cobalt rocketed up more than 120 percent. Early…

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How to Invest in Precious Metals

When you think about metal, what do you think of? Yeah, us too. But if you’re an investor, it’s all about the precious metals. What do I mean by precious metals? I’m talking about gold, silver, and all the other metals you may see walking by a jewelry store. These are commodities just like every other asset. They’re available for you to invest in. But you don’t need to be Scrooge McDuck to invest in precious metals. Nor do you need to be like a certain freaky deek real estate…

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Top 10 Metals and Mining Stocks by Dividend Yield

BelAZ 75710 mining truck

Looking to target metals and mining stocks that are paying dividends and decent yields? Here’s our latest list… Rank Symbol Dividend Recent Yield 1  SXCP  2.38 12.95%  2  ARLP  2.041  11.09% 3 MSB   4.72  19.67% 4 HCLP   .80  7.08% 5 CMP   2.88 4.28%  6 RIO  2.22 4.25%  7 FELP   .24  5.80% 8  BHP  1.72  3.84% 9  NRP 1.80  6.37%  10  AHGP  2.97 11.07% 

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The Case for Investing in Rhodium

Cuboid rhodium sample

In late 2017, multiple media outlets featured stories about the “precious metals outlook” for the upcoming year. The few advocates for investing in rhodium, a by-product of platinum mining, were routinely dismissed as kooks, Neanderthals, and worse. Fast-forward to early 2018. If anyone had listened to the “rhodium nuts,” as one network analyst called them, they would have seen a doubling of their investment during the 12 intervening months. Actually it was better than that, with an annual return of 118 percent. Gold and silver, whose backers are never called…

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16.42% Yield on an Iron Royalty Trust

Molten raw iron

Here’s a hot one for you precious metals investors seeking income. Mesabi Trust (NYSE: MSB) is an interesting play on the new boom in materials. The royalty trust pays income based on the success of its iron ore assets in Minnesota. Royalty trusts derive their value from the volume and price of the commodity produced in the future based on the current proved reserves where it receives royalties. Dividends are the major reason investors seek out investments in trusts, compensating you for the relative degree of risk involved in them.…

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The Top 3 Ways to Invest in Gold for 2018

UBS gold bars reflected in mirrors

Long ago, someone coined the term “gold psychosis” for a very good reason: certain people lose their minds when they think about, or are in the presence of, gold. The shiny metal is one of humanity’s oldest forms of stored value, and has been at least part of the reason for several national and international financial catastrophes, wars, and fist fights. As 2018 approaches, you have to wonder whether gold is still a smart investment. Some self-described alternative investors put all their money in gold. Others have substantial portions of…

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How to (Wisely) Invest in Copper and Other Base Metals

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to totally diversify a metals portfolio by adding base metals like copper (pictured above in natural form), aluminum and tin to the mix? Copper, nickel, titanium and lead (yes, lead) have been getting a lot of attention recently from everyday investors. For reasons that no one really seems to understand, non-precious metals (also known as base metals) have developed a huge following in the past several years. Precious metals enthusiasts have been following the daily prices of gold and silver for…

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How and Why to Invest in Rhodium, Platinum and Palladium

Some precious metals get lost among all the headlines and news stories about the ups and downs of gold and silver. Rhodium, platinum and palladium, however, have been inching into the spotlight lately. Some investors like their high potential for price movement, while others are simply intrigued by the “alternative” feel of these unsung elements. Still, most metals dealers are well-versed enough to offer guidelines for buying, storing and trading the three “unorthodox” members of the precious metals family. For those who want to venture past the gold-and-silver paradigm of…

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Will India’s New Precious Metals Ban Affect the Price of Gold?

There has been plenty of strange economic news out of India since late November 2016, and the nation’s social media is abuzz with rumors about a possible ban on gold ownership. In fact, Prime Minister Modi has not banned gold outright, but has put several measures in place that are meant to combat the black market. Instead, his decision has sent world gold markets spinning. Will the Price of Gold Go Down or Up? There’s no telling for certain what PM Modi will do next, but his past actions reveal…

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What Does Brexit Mean for Gold and Silver?

Brexit London Underground Sign

Just a few days before UK voters opted to leave the European Union, financial pundits were making some pretty wild predictions about the possible effect of an exit vote on gold and silver prices. The consensus among major banks and economic think tanks was that Great Britain would decide to remain in the EU and metals markets would remain stable. The “banks and tanks” could not have been more wrong. Just days following the vote, gold had touched a 2-year price peak of $1,358 per ounce before pulling back slightly.…

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Investing in Rare Precious Coins

Old silver cons

In addition to those who invest in coins for their precious metal content, some look to a coin’s rarity as a store of value and as a way to make a profit. But getting a foothold on the precious coin market can be a tricky endeavor. Serious investors should be ready to do plenty of research and enlist the services of professionals when the need arises. What are “Rare” Coins? Coins made of gold, silver, copper, bronze or any other metal are considered “rare” if their value primarily depends upon…

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Investing in Coins for their Precious Metal Value

1oz Krugerrand Gold Coin

Besides coin “collectors,” who view their hobby as a labor of love, there are a growing number of coin investors, those folks who are primarily interested in making a profit on an investment of time and money. Investors tend to fall into the “precious metals” or the “rarity” categories, depending upon how they plan to make money as coin investors. The metals crowd sticks to gold and silver bullion pieces or a small group of heavily traded legal-tender coinage made of nearly pure gold or silver. Those who invest in…

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Investing in Precious Coins For Fun and Profit Part 1

There are countless ways to make coins a part of your investment portfolio. For hundreds, perhaps thousands of years, people have used the metallic value of coinage as a way to store wealth. For modern investors, it is important to make the distinction between coin collecting and coin investing; because the goals and methods of these two diverse activities are quite different. Collectors usually don’t plan to sell, ever Coin collectors are well known amassers of all forms of metallic money, as opposed to “currency collectors,” a completely separate category…

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Current Investment Climate Looks Good for Gold, Silver

The investment outlook for gold and silver is quite positive for 2016. An increasingly unstable stock market, both at home and abroad, could propel both precious metals into new price territory. While gold and silver have been in a several-year slump, many analysts think current conditions are ripe for a turnaround. Here are some of the reasons that individual investors might want to add silver and gold to their portfolios soon: Gold and silver are at extremely low prices now, compared to the past decade. What is the evidence that…

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Smart Ways to Invest in Art, Coins and Other Rarities

Abstract painting

Plenty of investors get bored with the standard lineup of traditional and alternative investments. . Even precious metals can be ho-hum for people who want a bit of intrigue in their portfolios. Excitement need not be high risk. In fact, selecting the right mix of collectibles like art, coins, stamps and antiques can be a fun way to earn income on a portfolio. Whenever the world’s major investors have a good year, they tend to put some of their extra cash into collectibles like rare coins and works of art.…

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Gold and Silver Face an Uncertain 2016 as China Meltdown Looms

China, Gold, and Silver In another case of silver following gold in world markets, both metals essentially stayed parked within a narrow price range amid China’s economic troubles and the upcoming end-of-year financial reports by the U.S. government. Most metals analysts were expecting both gold and silver to tick upward in the wake of China’s continuing bad news. Just last week, the Asian economic giant revised an already poor growth rate downward, solidifying a dismal year for the world’s second-largest economy. However, many retailers who buy and sell precious metals…

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Alternative Investing in Silver: Why It’s the Best Precious Metal Choice for Investors

Five Reasons Silver is a Brilliant Alternative Investment Entering the precious metals market as an alternative investor or saver is almost always a smart move, provided you remember to follow a few guidelines. Many financial pros say it’s a good idea to keep about 10 percent of your portfolio in either gold, silver or other precious metals like platinum and palladium. Those of us with a penchant for alternative investing strategies tend to bump that number up to around 25 or even 50 percent. But before you leap into this…

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