Alternative Investments


The Case for Investing in Rhodium

In late 2017, multiple media outlets featured stories about the “precious metals outlook” for the upcoming year. The few advocates for investing in rhodium, a by-product of platinum mining, were routinely dismissed as kooks, Neanderthals, and worse. Fast-forward to early 2018. If anyone had listened to the “rhodium nuts,” as one network analyst called them, …


How Did Russian Oligarchs Get So Wealthy?

On Dec. 25, 1991, the USSR ceased to exist. About five minutes later, a group of business speculators began taking advantage of the chaotic situation and during the ensuing few years became the world’s newest cadre of billionaires. Who are these mysterious born-again Capitalists and how did they pull of the financial trifecta of the …


Make Money Selling Websites and Domain Names

There’s a hidden world just beneath the surface of our own. In it, entrepreneurs buy, sell and trade domain names, websites, and every flavor of online asset in existence. This subterranean marketplace is unknown except to those who take part in its byzantine activities, where small fortunes are made and lost every passing hour. Make …