What is a Blockchain and Why Should I Care

Mike Butcher was about to get paid for a graphic design job, when the unthinkable happened. PayPal froze his account. He said, “When PayPal froze my funds and I couldn’t access them for weeks, I realized that something like Bitcoin is important. I don’t like trusting a third party with my money.” If you’ve ever had your account frozen, had to wait to get access to your own money, paid unnecessary fees, had your identity stolen, or had any trouble sending money to another country, you can see the beauty…

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Three reasons to hold cyber-currencies

Screen displaying cyber-curreny price movements

There’s a reason why people find holding gold so attractive…

Once you get it, you’re solely in charge of it. You can secure, store or trade your gold as you like.

This is a major reason why people like the idea of cyber-currencies.

You are totally in control of your own holdings. No bank can freeze your account or refuse your

Bu there’s to cyber-currencies increasing popularity, then it similarities to gold.

Here are three other reasons to hold cyber-currencies…

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Is Nvidia the Superhero of 2018?

Forget about Superman and Batman. Unless you’ve been totally ignoring the stock market for the past year or two, you have undoubtedly heard of Nvidia, the Santa Clara, California-based tech company that has become an industry leader in graphics processing unit (GPU) design. One reason the company has enjoyed such positive press in recent months is that its products are heavily used in professional markets, gaming, and all things related to cryptocurrency. Quick Facts about Nvidia Corporation After a long gestation period since its founding in 1993, Nvidia has finally…

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Will Cobalt Continue Its Skyward Path?

The price of cobalt was “parked” securely between $10 and $15 per pound from early 2013 through mid-2016. Then, it took off like a Tesla Roadster at full-throttle with the wind at its back. Currently the hottest of the hot metal investments, cobalt is used extensively in the production of electric car batteries and many other modern devices. The benchmark index for the past year, Bloomberg Commodities, was down about 4 percent overall, while during that same time period the price of cobalt rocketed up more than 120 percent. Early…

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What Is Driving Bitcoin’s Growth

Graphic indicating bitcoin's growthh Graphic

Probably everyone and their mom is asking you about Bitcoin now. How many headlines have you seen this week about Bitcoin alone? I bet it’s a few dozen! Bitcoin’s a hot commodity right now. But it’s okay to wonder: What’s making it so big? Bitcoin: A brief history. But what is Bitcoin, exactly? And why is it suddenly so desirable? Bitcoin is one form of cryptocurrency, a form of payment that is centered around secrecy and protection against counterfeit. This money is virtual and tied completely to electronics. Interestingly, this…

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How to Invest in Precious Metals

When you think about metal, what do you think of? Yeah, us too. But if you’re an investor, it’s all about the precious metals. What do I mean by precious metals? I’m talking about gold, silver, and all the other metals you may see walking by a jewelry store. These are commodities just like every other asset. They’re available for you to invest in. But you don’t need to be Scrooge McDuck to invest in precious metals. Nor do you need to be like a certain freaky deek real estate…

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Oil Investment Secrets: The Beverly Hillbilly Effect

The Beverly Hillbillies

Come and Listen to a Story… In the early 1960s, the Ballad of Jed Clampett, theme music for TV’s wildly popular “The Beverly Hillbillies,” told the story of a “man named Jed,” who discovered oil literally bubbling up from the ground on his backwater Tennessee land. Next thing you know, the OK Oil Company paid the dirt-poor dirt-farmer $53 million for his property. After that, the extended clan drove straight to Beverly Hills, with their belongings, beloved dog Duke, and recalcitrant grand-mother loaded into a 1921 Oldsmobile Model 46 Roadster…

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Top 10 Metals and Mining Stocks by Dividend Yield

BelAZ 75710 mining truck

Looking to target metals and mining stocks that are paying dividends and decent yields? Here’s our latest list… Rank Symbol Dividend Recent Yield 1  SXCP  2.38 12.95%  2  ARLP  2.041  11.09% 3 MSB   4.72  19.67% 4 HCLP   .80  7.08% 5 CMP   2.88 4.28%  6 RIO  2.22 4.25%  7 FELP   .24  5.80% 8  BHP  1.72  3.84% 9  NRP 1.80  6.37%  10  AHGP  2.97 11.07% 

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The Case for Investing in Rhodium

Cuboid rhodium sample

In late 2017, multiple media outlets featured stories about the “precious metals outlook” for the upcoming year. The few advocates for investing in rhodium, a by-product of platinum mining, were routinely dismissed as kooks, Neanderthals, and worse. Fast-forward to early 2018. If anyone had listened to the “rhodium nuts,” as one network analyst called them, they would have seen a doubling of their investment during the 12 intervening months. Actually it was better than that, with an annual return of 118 percent. Gold and silver, whose backers are never called…

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The Best Performing Cryptos of 2017

Bitcoin in front of computer monitor

One of the hottest topics around the Investor Insights is cryptocurrencies. We invest in cryptos and have made great returns on Bitcoin and Ethereum but did you know that in 2017, Bitcoin wasn’t even in the top 10 of best performing cryptos? It’s true. It was astonishing to see Bitcoin grow in value by 1,000% in 2017. But that growth is puny compared to the 13 cryptocurrencies that outperformed Bitcoin, according to an article in Quartz Media that listed the best performing cryptocurrencies of 2017. They were Ripple, NEM, Ardor,…

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16.42% Yield on an Iron Royalty Trust

Molten raw iron

Here’s a hot one for you precious metals investors seeking income. Mesabi Trust (NYSE: MSB) is an interesting play on the new boom in materials. The royalty trust pays income based on the success of its iron ore assets in Minnesota. Royalty trusts derive their value from the volume and price of the commodity produced in the future based on the current proved reserves where it receives royalties. Dividends are the major reason investors seek out investments in trusts, compensating you for the relative degree of risk involved in them.…

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How to Avoid ICO Scams

Computer programmer with 3 displays

It’s hard to browse the Internet these days without running into one of the ever-present ICO scams. Sellers say they are introducing a new cryptocurrency, usually compare it to Bitcoin or Ethereum, and proceed to lure “investors” who want to get in on a ground-floor opportunity and possibly make a financial killing in a short amount of time. More than 99 percent of all ICOs will fail. In fact, that number is actually closer to 99.9 percent. It’s all smoke and mirrors. About 50 ICOs currently crop on online each…

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You’re Not Tardy for the Bitcoin Party

Dressing for bitcoin party 750x500

When Bitcoin reached and exceeded $10,000 dollars per coin, you may have been wondering if you missed your chance to buy it and make money with it. Well, if you bought it last week when it was pushing up against $10,000, you could have made a profit. Today one coin is worth $16,090. Surely, you might still be thinking, it’s too late to make money with Bitcoin. A recent article in Fortune gives some legitimate reasons to worry about investing in Bitcoin, as well as plenty of reasons to be confident.…

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The Top 3 Ways to Invest in Gold for 2018

UBS gold bars reflected in mirrors

Long ago, someone coined the term “gold psychosis” for a very good reason: certain people lose their minds when they think about, or are in the presence of, gold. The shiny metal is one of humanity’s oldest forms of stored value, and has been at least part of the reason for several national and international financial catastrophes, wars, and fist fights. As 2018 approaches, you have to wonder whether gold is still a smart investment. Some self-described alternative investors put all their money in gold. Others have substantial portions of…

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What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Bitcoin Futures

Chicago Mechantile Exchange Ticker Board

Can’t Handle Bitcoin Price Volatility? Try This Instead Sometime in the fourth quarter of 2017, the super-powerful Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) will introduce futures contracts on the popular cyber-currency Bitcoin (BTC), marking a day that will be, for nerdy financial types everywhere, what Woodstock was for the 1960s Counterculture movement. One of the most respected financial entities in the U.S., the Chicago Mercantile Exchange made the surprising announcement this week and will begin offering derivative contracts (futures) on Bitcoin as soon as they obtain regulatory clearance. The news caused either…

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14 Robotics and Drone Stocks Set to Soar

White robot in sunny room

Companies that manufacture drones and robots are at an historical impasse. There has been no better time to take advantage of these investment opportunities as both sectors continue to heat up.  Private industry, the military and now even the consumer retail market are all heavily invested in this second-wave of the cyber revolution. Here are some of the most promising candidates among robotics and drone stocks available today: Robot stocks for targeted investment in the sector Rockwell (ROK) is a $20 billion giant of a corporation that regularly beats its…

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How to Invest in the Self-driving Vehicle Revolution

With the topic of “driverless cars” seeming to pop up in every other news headline, wouldn’t it be a good idea to invest in the companies that make these vehicles? Some of the biggest names in the automotive industry already have thrown serious money at the technology behind autonomous cars. Mercedes, Tesla, Ford, GM and others are in it to win it. As a car buff and auto-show devotee, I was shocked at how quickly driverless car technology caught on, and how some of the biggest companies on earth went…

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Cash In On the Robot Manufacturing Craze

Isn’t it fascinating to find investment potential in one of the world’s most booming businesses? Robotics has finally arrived, but there are still big questions about where it’s going, what effects it will have on society, and whether the boom will go bust. Most experts say it’s quite difficult to even come up with an accurate estimate of how many robots exist! Best guesses put the number at about 2 million industrial robots, as a bare minimum. For investors, exact numbers are not as important as the trend, and the…

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How to (Wisely) Invest in Copper and Other Base Metals

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to totally diversify a metals portfolio by adding base metals like copper (pictured above in natural form), aluminum and tin to the mix? Copper, nickel, titanium and lead (yes, lead) have been getting a lot of attention recently from everyday investors. For reasons that no one really seems to understand, non-precious metals (also known as base metals) have developed a huge following in the past several years. Precious metals enthusiasts have been following the daily prices of gold and silver for…

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